The Week’s Progress


This is how many of the melon/arc combos are done so far for the Summer Picnic Dish top. There are only 12 left to make and then it will be a hopefully quick few nights of stitching and the top will be done. At the rate I’m going on these, I think I’ll have the remaining 12 melon/arc combos done sometime late this week. Lots and lots of continuous stitching and curved piecing involved in stitching these is helping to keep me motivated.


I’m grading the seams as I stitch each one. And pressing them when there are 3 or 4 done.

It’s very hard staying focused and motivated to finish the Summer Picnic Dish quilt top, when the kaleidoscope star projects are calling to me. The wild floral ones, the butterfly ones, the brown and blue paisley ones, the mauve and pink ones. And the pottery fabric. But that fabric’s not just calling to me. Oh, no. It’s yelling, screaming, hollering at me to play!


As is this fabric. At first glance it may not seem quite right for kaleidoscope stars but when I started looking at it with the window templates I realized just how fabulous stars made with the 2″ diamonds will be. See? Any fabric I have that’s two yards or more is not safe. Everything is getting auditioned for kaleidoscope somethings! Maybe it is a good thing that the vast majority of my stash is FQs. Otherwise, everything would be about to be turned into a kaleidoscope star project!


“Possibly Some Help From The Doctor.”


I love profile shots of Baxter.

7 thoughts on “The Week’s Progress

  1. there are too many calling to me right now but I am trying to finish one at a time right now – I do not want to be one of those quilters that go to quilter heaven with a box of ufo’s behind!


  2. Cathie—I love the pansy floral fabric in your pickle dish blocks. I know it is really hard to work with only a few colors during a project —but you are doing a great job. This is going to be gorgeous. It will feel great to complete it!!


  3. I’m reminded of the quilt ad where a few prime swatches are cut from hubbies shirt as he naps! Hope Mr. Q doesn’t nap too often! ;-))))))


  4. I’ve just been catching up on all the posts I’ve missed. Looks like you’ve been sewing up a storm. Lots of stars to distract you, so I can see why you’re struggling to stay focused on the picnic dish quilt. You’ve made some really stunning stars.
    I loved the video of Baxter drinking. He really is a funny little guy. And some great toons from Mr QO.


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