Mauve and Pink Kaleidoscope Stars

When I was looking at possible setting fabrics for the various kaleidoscope star projects, I found a very pale yellow fabric.


Then I put a few of the mauve and pink kaleidoscope stars on it. And I’m sold. It’s the perfect colour, I think, to use to connect the little stars. I still haven’t decided on a setting, so I’m not going to print anything yet. But it is now set aside for the mauve/pink stars.


And this is another fabric that I’m contemplating for some kaleidoscope somethings. This weekend I’m going to get a few more window templates ready. But that’s all I’m going to do other than stitch more of the arc/melon combos for the Summer Picnic Dish quilt top. As hard as it is to not play and make some kaleidoscope stars, I feel like I’m making progress on the pickle dish so am determined to stay focused.


The squirrels out on the roof garden are busy. We have had a glorious September and this first week of October has been fabulously mild. The longer it stays nice and mild, the better.


“Getting ready to teleport – zoning in.”


Baxter likes to sometimes sprawl right out of his kitty bed. He really knows how to relax.

3 thoughts on “Mauve and Pink Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. That’s what I was wondering too! Squirrels are funny little fellers, we don’t have them here. Pale yellow is the perfect choice for your stars, that’s a great choice. No doubt about kitties, they know how to relax.


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