Wild Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

Before I made the decision to focus solely on the pickle dish quilt top, I couldn’t resist making just a few more of the wild floral kaleidoscope stars last weekend..


This one makes me think of a fireplace.


Even the ones that might appear to be rather dull have a pattern when you look at the centres.


And this one I love!

But they are not getting any more additions until the Summer Picnic Dish is done. In fact, project boxes containing kaleidoscope star diamonds are now not within easy reach. The only thing left within easy reach is the box containing the Summer Picnic Dish pieces.


But a little more bribing is going on. It seems that any fabric in my stash that’s a two-yard piece or more is being auditioned for kaleidoscope somethings. And this one works.

I had every intention of blogging yesterday but the nasty cold that’s going around hit me like a ton of bricks. I was coughing so much that it felt like my ribs hurt.


“Teleporter Technician.”


Look at these whiskers!

4 thoughts on “Wild Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Better lock up those fabrics that will derail your other plans! 🙂
    Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Those whiskers will be dragging on the ground before too long, how wonderful!


  2. LOVE Baxter’s pic today! And Panda is happy that Baxter is working on the teleporting in the ‘toon. I can’t wait to see a completed pickle dish top! And besides… I don’t want you getting too far ahead of me in star production! LOL!


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