Bribing Myself

I realized on the weekend that I hadn’t decided on a baseball playoffs quilt. I try to always pick one to either start or finish during the playoffs. This year? This year it’s going to be the Summer Picnic Dish. They sort of go together, picnics and baseball, don’t you think? After all, it is the game of the boys of summer. And summer is the time for picnics. So Summer Picnic Dish it is.


To that end, I’ve decided to just make all the melon/arc combos until I’ve got the remaining ones I need finished. There are five done now. And 23 more to go. Once those 23 are finished it will be quick stitching to add four to each centre and then add the completed rings to the partially completed top.


Of course, I made that decision after I’d made yet one more ring. But that ring is now going to wait for the other seven rings to be finished. And then they’re all getting added to the top at once. And I think I really do have a good chance to finish the Summer Picnic Dish top by the time the World Series is over!

And what does any of that have to do with bribing myself?


Because this is the carrot I’m dangling in front of myself. This amazing fabric is going to make some absolutely spectacular kaleidoscope somethings. Maybe stars. Maybe something else. But I can’t do anything with this fabric until the Summer Picnic Dish top is finished.


“Bye, Panda.  Have a safe trip home.” Seems Baxter and the little alien have lost their summer playmate. But I think the little alien may have ways to teleport Panda back once in a while for an adventure.


Changing the bed is always an adventure when Baxter decides to help.

9 thoughts on “Bribing Myself

  1. What fun fabric, I can see why you like it! It will make some lovely kaleidoscopic……..something. One of our cats likes to ‘help’ change the bed, too. Bye, Panda – see you next time you come to visit!


  2. Cathi, I’ve been enjoying all your K stars. The pottery fabric is awesome! What’s the pattern repeat I couldn’t see one……


  3. Oh my, it looks like you’ll soon be on your way to a “Fiesta” quilt! The carrot fabric is so novel…what a treasure! Not much compares to kitty Olympics with the bedsheets!
    Hope your Tuesday is filled with sunshine!


  4. I think that fabric will be amazing to fussy cut. Just wondering how many yards you got, or is it from your pre-Inklingo fussy cut time? Oh, I guess that would be meters in Canada.


  5. What a wonderful ‘toon with Panda in the motorhome bound for Texas! She will miss Baxter too and can’t wait to be teleported back for adventures. As will I miss you and our Toronto adventures! What fun we had! Sweet, sweet memories….


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