Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

Of course I made more of the floral kaleidoscope stars last weekend. Lots more. Even though I’m only showing half a dozen of them in this post, there were many more made. And if you just want to see how they look together, scroll down to the end of the post as there are two pictures of them up on the design wall.


This one is my favourite.


Or perhaps it’s this one.


Mr. Q.O. says this one makes him think of shoes.


This one makes me think of peppers.


Hmm – perhaps this is my favourite.


Or perhaps it’s this one. With all that pink, how could it not be a favourite for me!


Then I started putting them up on the temporary design wall. But I had to do that in two groups. When I finish making all the floral kaleidoscope stars I’ll put the large sheet of flannel up and put them all up together and play with placement. This was the first group I put up, 24 wild floral kaleidoscope stars.


And the final 10 that are finished were put up next. I am pretty sure I have the setting plan figured out. Now to decide what colour I’ll use to connect them. I think it’s either going to be white or black, although I’m leaning towards a black.

I now need to make only another 25 of the arc/melon combos for the Summer Picnic Dish quilt, so I’m trying to stay focused on just making those. The more of them I make, the faster they’re going together. So I’m hoping that I can maybe get the final 25 done within two weeks. Then another week to add them to the centres and then to the top and finally have it done.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my eyes this week, which culminated in a visit to the eye doctor yesterday and drops which meant no computer time at all. So I am, once again, way behind in responding to comments. I will get caught up over the weekend.


“Don’t worry. They’re friendly.”


Baxter has been really enjoying the wonderful mild weather we’ve been having.  The gardeners have been here a lot this week, so he has had a lot to keep his eye on. No wonder he needs to nap!

10 thoughts on “Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Very tropical colours in this collection of stars! Oh dear, I hope your eyes feel better soon. Well yes, they look friendly……just as well the gardeners have Baxter to supervise them.


  2. So gorgeous, as always. Will look forward to the final placement. I hope your eyes get back to normal quickly. Would an afternoon snooze help? It works for Baxter!


  3. Ok…..I’ve changed my mind I like the floral. I purchased more fabric for the Grandmothers flower garden. Sewing hexagons 🙂 All of your quilts are beautiful. See well 🙂 Baxter looks bored stiff…this too shall pass…oh.. The pink one looks like tossed rose petals.


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