And Yet More Rosy Towers

I’ve been busy. And have made this many more rosy towers to add to the … … growing stack of them. Which really is growing when I look at them side by side with the empty spool beside them. And the … Continue reading

Springtime in Paris

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Especially when we’re still stuck in this winter of frigidly cold temperatures. But no, I’m not going to Paris. However, I’ve started a new quilt that is already named. And its name is Springtime in Paris. … Continue reading

Stitching a Castle Wall Block

All we’ve heard for the past few days is that there’s a big snowstorm headed right for us so I decided yesterday I needed to make a block that really felt like summer. So pinks and greens were my choice … Continue reading

Castle Wall

Don’t you love that name? Castle Wall – it makes me think of all sorts of possible fabric combinations. Something shabby chic, perhaps with some toile thrown in. Or perhaps greys, blacks, whites with a splash of colour somewhere.  Or … Continue reading

16 Little Baskets Quilt Top

The third setting option I showed on Friday was the one I chose and fairly quickly had the little top sewn together. In fact, I finished stitching it together on Sunday evening but I wanted to wait to get a … Continue reading

16 Little Baskets

The tiny 3″ baskets are all done. And now it’s time to pick a setting. Shall I set them like this with the handles of each little group of four facing out and each group of four being all the … Continue reading

Puzzles and Quilts

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know how much I love two-colour quilts. I love the classic timelessness of a two-colour quilt. So when I finished the red and white top, I knew it was … Continue reading

A Sunny Sunflower

We may be in the grip of an Arctic vortex weather pattern, but I’m living in denial happily making sunflowers. This one is a sunny sunflower, perhaps something we’d see at the height of summer. The back, after grading the … Continue reading

Another Blue Sunflower

I really needed some continuous stitching and curved piecing and nothing is better for that than the little 6″ sunflowers. This one makes me think of tropical waters again. And that’s a rather nice thing to be thinking about as … Continue reading