Springtime in Paris Finished

The project box is empty. And just waiting for the next project that needs to be kept in a pretty round project box. There are some pieces left over which are going to be put in the bits for labels box. Yes, I … Continue reading

Springtime in Paris Progress

This is totally unlike me, as you know if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, but I am staying engrossed in just one project. And am I ever making progress. Springtime in Paris is one-quarter finished. Slightly … Continue reading

Rosy Towers Finished

The stack of 90 rosy towers. All ready to be stitched to melons which means the fun is about to really begin — nothing but lovely curved piecing. Every one of them has been pressed and the seams graded. If you click … Continue reading

Springtime in Paris Progress

It’s growing. Almost too fast. It is so enjoyable to stitch that I just can’t stop. One thread and all the towers are attached to the centre square. Another couple of threads and the peels are all attached. I think … Continue reading

Springtime in Paris Prep

These are all the fabrics I’m using for the peels in Springtime in Paris.When I was choosing the fabrics to use for the peels, I felt like the pinks were really dominant but when I look at them laid out … Continue reading

Springtime in Paris

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Especially when we’re still stuck in this winter of frigidly cold temperatures. But no, I’m not going to Paris. However, I’ve started a new quilt that is already named. And its name is Springtime in Paris. … Continue reading