Springtime in Paris Prep


These are all the fabrics I’m using for the peels in Springtime in Paris.When I was choosing the fabrics to use for the peels, I felt like the pinks were really dominant but when I look at them laid out like this I think there’s a nice balance. Of course, if pink is the dominant colour I’ll be perfectly happy with that too. And I may add a bit to the mix by using the back of the fabric of a few of these prints. I’ll decide that over the next couple of days.

Stitching the couple of units together Sunday night was really just a teaser for me as I had only printed enough to make the first two rings. Once I got the idea, I was impatient to start. Last night I printed more of the shapes and have more ready to print, which I’ll do over the next week or so. I have the perfect project box for this, which I’ll get out tomorrow.


Having some more peels and a different neutral for the centre square printed, I just had to add another ring to the first two. It will be a lap quilt so it needs to be about four times this width. All that continuous stitching and lovely soft curved piecing make it so much fun to make that I hardly want to sleep – I just want to sew these rings and see this top finished! For me one of the best things is that there will be no blocks to join at the end as each ring is being added to the others as I go. I love quilts I can make like this so that when I finish piecing the last element, be it a ring or a block, the top is done.

I can already imagine the quilt draped over the back of the pink loveseat. I have the fabric set aside for the binding and already know how I’ll quilt this one. I’d love to get this done in time to make it the first quilt photographed out on the roof garden when it opens. If we ever get spring and summer, that is. It feels like winter is never ever going to leave. So that’s just another reason to work on Springtime in Paris – and ignore what the weather here is really like.

Imagewtmk“When in Paris …”


Jake was in his favourite spot for an evening snooze last night, stretched out on the couch.


And Baxter was back in his favourite spot, atop the kitty tree.

7 thoughts on “Springtime in Paris Prep

  1. So very beautiful My all time favorite fabric line The pattern is perfect , even a double wedding ring look to it..

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