Springtime in Paris

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Especially when we’re still stuck in this winter of frigidly cold temperatures. But no, I’m not going to Paris. However, I’ve started a new quilt that is already named. And its name is Springtime in Paris.


It’s going to be made using these three shapes. Once I decided I was making it, I had some fabrics printed in no time. A few minutes after this shot was taken I was stitching.


And the first two blocks are done. It’s an incredibly quick block to stitch. I would have had more done except I need to print more so that I have more variety in the peels. So today I’ll print more of the shapes I need.


Pressed and seams graded.

Why is it named Springtime in Paris? Two reasons. First, I’m using the gorgeous Paris Flea Market fabrics. It only took me almost a year to figure out what I wanted to make with them. Secondly, I’m using the Eiffel Tower variation in the Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe collection. That is clearly one of my favourite collections as this is the third quilt I’ve made using it. I think it’s all the curved piecing that draws me in every time. 



in the pinkwtmk

Jake found somewhere cozy to snooze.


And Baxter took possession of the kitty tree.

10 thoughts on “Springtime in Paris

  1. Looks like this will be another favorite of mine. Beautiful colors. And I am beginning to think I need to think about being a tourist to a warmer climate like the kittens and alien. Only I am really not much of a traveler. Stay warm stitching.


  2. So beautiful We went to Paris in April and my husband Always said, ” we will always have Paris” We could never top those two weeks

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  3. Very nice! That is a great collection of shapes, too!
    Looks like Baxter and his friends are already dressed for Paris! LOL.
    And Baxter has control of the kitty tree again!


  4. Love these blocks! Did U know there is a Paris, Texas? Hee Hee, not at fancy, schmancy as traveling to Paris, France though.
    If the kitties decided to take a nap on one of these blocks, would the block even be visible? I can’t wait to see how big (not) they are! Love the blog!
    Happy Monday!


  5. Hehe, this isn’t the first time that I’ve been reading one of your posts then followa link to inklingo and forget to come back. Last night I discovered that the 6″ sunflower includes 0.5″ finished squares, just what I need for my space invaders. Should help take the paing out of cutting 10,000s squares 🙂
    Have you ever tried printing on solid black?
    Looks like someone is desperately wishing for spring 🙂 What size quilt is this destined to be?


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