Quilt Play

There’s another thing I’ve been doing over the past week or so. And that’s playing with quilt designs in Electric Quilt. I finally decided to load Parallels on my iMac and then load EQ7 rather than struggling with the old Windows laptop I had been using. What a difference working on a big screen makes! I can’t wait for the Mac version of EQ.

Quilt #1wtmk

A friend asked if I could put together some versions of a quilt she was thinking of making. This was the first attempt using just one block in the fabric colours she was initially planning on using.

 Quilt #2wtmk

Then we changed up the colour order and added a few more rows.

Tracy Quilt #7wtmk

Then I thought it would be interesting to see how it looked with an alternate block and in just one colour.

Quilt #3wtmk

I liked the pinwheel but wanted to see what the churn dash block would add to the design. And I love the strong diagonal lines that are showing up now.

 Quilt #4wtmk

I like the churn dash block but we also wanted to see how it would look with a different alternate block.

Quilt #5wtmk

This was the next attempt with yet another alternate block.

Tracy Quilt #10wtmk

Then it was time to start playing with different colours as she decided to go with a totally different set of fabrics than she had first been thinking about. I like the star that shows up in this layout, but the colours in the EQ rendition are not really close to those she’ll be using.

And every single one of the variations would be easy to make using Inklingo. I realized just how much fun I was having playing with quilt designs in EQ. Now if only I could sew designs as quickly as I can come up with them in EQ. I think I need to teach the kitties how to stitch.

The last of the little Drunkard’s Path half blocks are now stitched together. I finished that last night so tonight I’ll start sorting through them to make sure I don’t have the same fabric showing up twice in a block. Then I start sewing them together into blocks. That will take at least a week or two, I think.


“EQ Lesson.”


Jake and Baxter were lounging together for a while on the couch.

6 thoughts on “Quilt Play

  1. Looks like you had some fun playing around with this. I too have a Mac, and am pretty frustrated with the options available. I have something called Quilt-Pro 5, and it’s fine for reorganizing traditional blocks, but it’s really cumbersome to try and design new ones – particularly any thing that has unusual angles in it. Did you have a go at designing your own blocks in EQ7? I’d be very curious to hear from someone who had before I seriously consider making the investment in it. Thanks Cathi!


  2. I design far more quilts on EQ7 than I will ever live long enough to make……but it’s fun! I don’t see why the kitties can’t sew, they have their own built-in needles after all.


  3. Didn’t realise they were finally going to bring out an EQ for Mac. I might have to cave. Looks like you’ve been having fun with it. Really we all need eight arms so we can get more done. And a clone to do all the house work and work work o we can pend all our time on the important things


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