Springtime in Paris Progress


It’s growing. Almost too fast. It is so enjoyable to stitch that I just can’t stop. One thread and all the towers are attached to the centre square. Another couple of threads and the peels are all attached. I think it takes me almost as long to choose which peels I’ll use for each block as it does to stitch the block. As of now it’s approximately 35″ wide. I’ll add two more blocks and then decide if it needs to be any wider. And then I can start on the second row. And that will probably be sometime tomorrow night or Friday.

And, thanks to the blog post on the All About Inklingo blog yesterday, I now know what I’m going to do for the baby quilt. And — now, don’t fall off your chairs reading this — I’m going to do it by machine. All of it by machine. It will be the perfect baby quilt and I can get it done quickly and then get right back to Springtime in Paris. Because Springtime in Paris is absolutely consuming me. I have an idea for the colours to use in the baby quilt. So what will I be doing this weekend? Pulling fabrics from my stash for the baby quilt and getting the shapes printed for the pinwheels.

And no doubt I’ll get some more peels for Springtime in Paris printed. Because right now everything is all about Springtime in Paris for me.


Seems they’re all checking in to a weight loss clinic after their sampling of the patisseries.


Mr. Q.O. was getting great photos of the kitties yesterday. First Jake showing just how much he appears to be a Turkish Van kitty. He has all the traits of one, including the incredible coat that’s very soft, almost like cashmere, and very, very different from other kitties. We don’t know if he’s a purebred, and that doesn’t matter.


Then Baxter showing just how much of a Mane Coon he really is with his lynx tip ears. And his wonderfully funny milk moustache is sort of evident in the photo.

7 thoughts on “Springtime in Paris Progress

  1. Cathi, when I saw the pin wheel post I immediately thought about the baby quilt you needed to make. I’m so excited, I hope you blog your progress so we can all enjoy it. I am especially interested to see how the machine quilting goes. Love Springtime in Paris so fresh and light.


  2. Pardon me while I get up off the floor, the machine????!!! How about that! The Paris quilt really has you jazzed! LOL!
    Jake really does look like the pictures of the Turkish Van cats, wow!


  3. That pinwheel quilt will be very easy – and quick – to piece by machine! Not surprised they feel the need to check into the clinic, even the toys look a little rounder. Lovely pics of the kitties today!


  4. I’m totally a dog person; not at all a cat person – but the pics of your cats are amazing! Whomever makes them, should volunteer to take pics for a rescue organization, all the cats would find homes in no time at all with pics like these!


  5. I look forward to seeing how you go with the machine. Yes it’s fast but it’s not nearly as fun as hand sewing is it?
    Great progress on springtime, looks like you are enjoying it.
    Both Jake and Baxter are looking very handsome in these pics


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