Springtime in Paris Finished


The project box is empty. And just waiting for the next project that needs to be kept in a pretty round project box.


There are some pieces left over which are going to be put in the bits for labels box. Yes, I actually do that. I really like to make labels and it’s fun to have a variety of shapes ready to use for a label.


The label for Springtime in Paris is done. I’ve basted the seam allowance under so that, when it’s time, I can write the pertinent information on the label and then quickly appliqué it on to the back of the finished quilt.


And Springtime in Paris is finished. 90 hand pieced blocks that involved loads of continuous stitching possibilities and all that wonderfully fun curved piecing. Now all I need to do is get a batt and backing for it. I already know exactly how this one is going to be quilted and it will be fun to quilt. The quilt name Springtime in Paris was inspired by the Eiffel Tower block in the Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe collection and the Paris Flea Market collection fabrics I used. They just go together, I think. I’m going to bind it in one of the deep rose fabrics that was used for the towers in the blocks. This is the third quilt I’ve made using shapes from that particular Inklingo collection and there are, at a minimum, two more that I want to make using other shapes in it. In fact, I’ve got one all planned in my mind.

Edited to add:  The quilt finishes at approximately 50″ x 55″,which is a really useful size for us as a lap quilt. And I think it will look fabulous tossed over the back of a chair or couch.

And now? Now I’m going to play. I am working on the butterfly kaleidoscope stars with a view to getting that finished fairly quickly but I am going to play with other ideas too. Trying to stay focused just on Springtime in Paris was hard! I’m much happier flitting from project to project. And right now there are a lot of ideas that are just begging to come out and play. So I will be blogging more frequently now that the piecing of Springtime in Paris is finished.


“Tour Eiffel”


Jake has a few favourite spots for a snooze.


This shot of Baxter makes me laugh. Look at those crossed paws!

15 thoughts on “Springtime in Paris Finished

  1. Lovely pattern an soooo much work! Congrats on getting the piecing all finished. May I ask what the finished size is? I have been cutting pieces for my “next” quilt but am finding it hard to get focused on it. Been spending my time tatting instead, and lately I’ve been distracted working out the pattern for your crochet piece! Ü Soo many things I want to do!


  2. WOW! Stunning! Good job, I knew you’d get it done and such a wonderful outcome, of course! On to another project!!
    Great pose of Baxter!


  3. Beautiful !! My favorite quilt of yours so far. Just dreamy Well done cathi

    Love the photos n toon too




  4. Positively fabulous quilt! The thought of having such a fabulous quilt all completely hand sewn is so exciting! This is an heirloom piece for sure! I love the fabrics you’ve used-this is something I picture a lady wrapping herself in on one of those first chilly mornings in Paris in the Springtime. She sits at the window watching the sun come up as she sips her tea and her fingers sweetly trace the beautiful curved seams of her hand sewn quilt.


    • Teresa,

      What a wonderful comment!!! I love the picture you’ve drawn with your comment. Makes me wish we truly did live in one of those charming high-ceiling apartments in Paris as that would be the perfect setting for the quilt! 🙂

      You really made my day with this comment. Thank you!!!



  5. Cathi, So beautiful. Curves are so easy on the eye, the colors too. I’m so glad you share your work it is always inspiring to me. Thank you.


  6. I’ve been following you while you were making this quilt and honestly I didn’t like the fabric until I saw your quilt today. It’s absolutely STUNNING put together! The fact that you do all of this by hand is really amazing to me. As always I love your husband’s cartoons and the pictures of your beautiful furballs.


  7. I LOVE an empty project box! All ready for a brand new something. Fun. Can’t wait to see what ends up in this box next. And Springtime in Paris is just stunning! Fabulous quilt!


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