Tiny Kaleidoscope Star Setting


Once I had nine of the little kaleidoscope stars made with the .50″/1″ star points, I decided to start playing with a setting idea. So I quickly printed some elongated hexagons and 1″ diamonds. For the trial I used some muslin, but think I’ll like it better with something different – perhaps a green or even a white on white – so I will be taking this apart. But I wanted to see if I actually liked this idea and I do. For a few days though, it’s being set aside.


Why? Because Springtime in Paris is very, very close to being finished. All but the last few blocks are done. Row 9 was added to the quilt last night and these are all that are left to stitch and row 10 will be done, ready to attach to the rest and then the top will be, for the most part, finished. And I am determined to try to finish it this week.


Spring has definitely arrived. The crab apple tree is covered in beautiful pink buds. In another day or two the scent of the blossoms will be wonderful.

Alien bugswtmk

“Alien Bugs.”


I can’t believe how small Baxter seems in this photo. If there’s one thing he isn’t, it’s small. He’s easily twice the size of Jake.

5 thoughts on “Tiny Kaleidoscope Star Setting

  1. So close……..I look forward to seeing the finished top! Pale blue background fabric could make your little stars look like blossoms against a spring sky. Funny how the angle of the photo makes Jake look so huge, and Baxter look so little!


  2. Thank you for all the lovely posts and photos! I’m not able often enough to tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy your posts! Such lovely creations…so inspiring!


  3. Not long now, then your distractions can be distractions no more 🙂
    I like the setting you’ve chosen for the stars.
    Baxter looks like he’s telling Jake he wants that spot 🙂


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