Kaleidoscope Stars of a Different Sort

Yesterday morning started out innocently enough. I had finished attaching row 8 to Springtime in Paris and was halfway through stitching row 9 together the night before. Then what happened? Then I got completely and totally distracted. By a new Inklingo collection of these wonderfully tiny star points – that are .50″/1.0″.


This size of wonderfully tiny Inklingo star points. I have always said I’d love to play with star points in a tiny size – tiny in comparison to the ones in my blue and white quilt in the blog header, that is. And these fit the bill.


As soon as I saw them, I immediately thought of the 80 gazillion .50″ hexagons I already had printed and cut out and those I had received in swaps.


As well as the ones that I’d printed on charms but not yet cut out.


And then this fabric, which has been waiting in my stash for what seems like forever just waiting for that perfect project, immediately came to mind.


A few minutes later and I had six identical sheets printed each with 28 star points – enough for 28 little stars.


Some fun stitching and I now have the first four kaleidoscope stars done. I love that each one of these little stars is going to look so different. Each seam is just one load of stitches on the needle and it’s done, so I’ll have the first set of stars done in no time. It’s taking me longer to pick a centre hexagon than it is to piece each star.


A few seconds and the seams are graded. Then each little star gets a quick press.


An empty project box was found and it now has the beginnings of this project. It will not be a big quilt but oh, what fun it’s going to be. I’ve already got it mostly designed. This is a small project box, but those tiny pieces look positively dwarfed in there. I wonder if this might mean a visit to the dollar store is in order to find a tiny box for these itsy-bitsy pieces?

But now that I’ve got this out of my system, I’m going to be very, very good and stick with Springtime in Paris. I’m altogether too close to the finish line to let it languish. Unless, of course, another new collection is released with shapes I can’t resist. And we all know – I’m hopeless. There are no shapes I can’t resist.

Crazy Starswtmk

“Crazy Stars.”


Jake had to rest up after yet another busy day on the windowsill watching the roof garden activities.


Baxter snoozed the afternoon away. Look at the size of those paws! And soon the view out the window will be so much nicer – the leaves on the tree immediately in front of the living room window are finally starting to open.

9 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Stars of a Different Sort

  1. Cathi, I’m being so-o-o pulled and trying to resist and here you tempt me with a project. I’m working with Star Points 1″/2″ and really should finish and now I’m tempted to just try these little gems. I just love little quilts and this could be a wonderful start to a wall quilt.


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