Springtime in Paris is Growing – and Spring is Finally Here


Seven rows done, three to go. Well, really two to go. Row 8 is ready to be attached, which won’t take much more than an evening. So now I’m hoping the top will be done by the time we get to the end of May. I’m really, really enjoying the stitching, which is why I think I’ve dawdled. As, when this one is done, it’s on to setting the butterfly kaleidoscope stars and there’s no curved piecing to be had there. Although there will be loads of continuous stitching and that’s almost as much fun.

Springtime in Paris will be the third quilt I’ve made using the Orange Peel Deluxe collection, and I have two more planned. At least two more. There are so many variations possible with that Inklingo collection that I know I won’t be content until I’ve made something using every single one of them. Because they really do have it all for me — opportunities for continuous stitching and loads and loads of lovely curved piecing.

The best part? We were able to get out on the roof garden to take the photo of Springtime in Paris. We have had the heat off for quite a few days now and the windows open. After that long, nasty winter there were times I wondered if it would ever warm up.


But it finally has. And the leaves on the trees are starting to open.


And even the dandelions are a welcome sight. Although I’m sure the gardener disagrees with me on that. But as we have no daffodils in the flowerbeds on the roof garden, I’ll take the cheery yellow of a dandelion as a sign that winter truly is finally over.


“First Flower of Spring.”


Jake has been spending loads of time on the windowsill, watching all the birds. This is a pretty common sight once it gets dark, as he rests after a long day of bird watching.


Baxter surveys all the happenings, both indoors and out, from the kitty tree.

11 thoughts on “Springtime in Paris is Growing – and Spring is Finally Here

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t believe how quickly you did this

    Jake and Baxter ate so beautiful and I’m glad you were able to get outside . Lovely photos




  2. The quilt is lovely, Cathi. Two things that never fail to impress: the perfection of your piecing, and the speed at which you complete these projects. This makes me want to dig out my curved piecing WIPs.
    Love Jake and Baxter in their pink and green suits.


  3. Looking good!
    And the boys are handsome as ever. Every time I visit your blog I forget to reply because I end up going and looking at cats/kittens to adopt 🙂


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