Batiks and Planning

I really didn’t mean to vanish for a week. It seems lately that although I get great ideas for blog posts I just am not getting them written. No idea why, but that’s just what’s going on. Maybe too much work the past little while so that, when I’m finished work, I just do not want to be anywhere near a computer.

But lots of stitching has been going on. I’m on row 7 of Springtime in Paris, which was last seen in that link when I didn’t even have three rows quite finished, and while I stitch I’m busily planning what will be the next project or two or three. I know, I know – no picture yet. I’m waiting for it to be nice and calm out on the roof garden so we can take a picture out there.


The first one will definitely be setting the butterfly kaleidoscope stars. With that gorgeous batik. The setting is still up in the air, though – will I use diamonds or hexagons to set the kaleidoscope stars? I can’t quite decide, but think it may end up being a combination of both. I have to start working on the layout with Electric Quilt and then make a decision. I may end up doing a variation of an antique star quilt that was shown on the All About Inklingo blog.

One thing’s for sure. As soon as Springtime in Paris is finished and I have decided on the setting, my printer will be working overtime as I print all the shapes I need on the batik. But until then I’m not printing even one sheet of diamonds because I know if I were to get started on setting the butterfly stars together,  I won’t want to go back to Springtime in Paris and I do want to get it finished.


This is a project that’s just starting to take shape in my mind. The print has a repeat that’s just slightly over 12″ which means it may be just perfect for kaleidoscope somethings. I’ve got a lot of window templates already made for various shapes so will spend some time looking at the fabric with them. The glorious batiks that are with that print will come into play in the project as well — at least most of them will. There’s one piece that I think I have other plans for.

The third project that’s really capturing my imagination is a 3″ basket block quilt. I love making the tiny baskets. I think I’ll just print the basket shapes on a stack of charms as well as a background and just keep stitching until I think I have enough. I think. Although I’m playing with other ideas for the little basket blocks as well. Maybe all batik baskets? Or all little print baskets? Oh, the choices just seem endless! I love how the little 12″ basket quilt top turned out in the ’30s prints.

Spring is finally here. The leaves on the trees aren’t far off from opening. The gardeners have been and cut the grass out on the roof garden for the first time. The one lonely daffodil in the flower bed on the roof garden is starting to show its leaves and the bird population is keeping the kitties entertained. There are robins, cardinals, red-headed woodpeckers, finches, sparrows and grackles but no sign of the mourning doves yet. They seem to show up a bit later in the spring. And we have mockingbirds again. Jake has been spending a fair amount of time on the windowsill as this is all so new to him. Where he lived previously was much higher up in the building and didn’t overlook the roof garden.


“Bali Batiks.”


Baxter looks like he’s guarding my sewing table. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Fabric! Yum!”


Jake loves to stretch out and snooze with a little friend or two.

6 thoughts on “Batiks and Planning

  1. I am glad to see you back. I missed you. I see you are filling your days with fun stitching. I would like to be on the beach with everyone as batiks are one of my favorites. I can hardly make myself cut them up. I use every little scrap. Happy stitching.


  2. I’m wondering if you will ever get caught up with your ideas! LOL!
    Watch that cat, he would love to play in all those pieces.


  3. I bet you will be spending time on the roof garden now that spring is coming, do you have other nice places to spend outside close by? that is the one thing of apartment living that I think would really bother me, being not able to just step out onto the porch – I would need a balcony or a patio of some sort, I go in and out all day long


  4. I love that antique stars quilt too-looks like it would be fun to make! I like the way the background colors are a tint of the star colors and since I love red…I know whichever way you go it will be stunning.


  5. I love that star layout too.
    Hehe, when I saw that print, the other part of the “Cathi” thought was “possible kaleidescope”. Was just keeping quiet to see if your mind went in the same direction 🙂
    Love the toon. There should be more bali fabric buying trips.
    Good to hear Jake is having fun with his new discoveries and that Baxter takes his job as guard cat seriously


  6. Hi, I love your quilts and I quilt too… was looking for a way to post to you so this may be out of place here, so sorry if it is…
    I was looking at your post :
    A Little Lace
    Posted on June 16, 2010 by Cathi
    I am a lace maker and love this pattern… I would like to find out anything you can tell me about it… pattern name maybe… or if it is your own pattern… i would love to be able to locate it. Thanks!


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