A Short Stroll in the Neighbourhood


Last week, we had the most glorious view from our living room window. The crab apple tree on the roof garden that we can see from our living room window was absolutely covered in beautiful pink blooms. I could see them every time I looked out the window. And walking anywhere near them? Bliss! There is nothing so wonderful as the scent of those blossoms.


I have no idea what it is, but there’s another small tree out on the roof garden that comes out in these gorgeous deep pink blooms that have no scent at all.

We are taking advantage of this wonderful mild weather we’re having. Finally, after the winter that I thought would never end, we have gorgeous warm weather – perfect for little strolls in the neighbourhood. And what have we seen?


Outside a cafe down the street, there were a few rows of these wonderful rain boots full of flowers. I had to stop and take a picture as they made me smile the second I spotted them.


The play of light and shadow on this flowerbed in a little park near us really caught Mr. Q.O.’s eye.

I’ve been working on a few kaleidoscope stars and am very close to starting to set the butterfly kaleidoscope stars together. Some of the itty-bitty kaleidoscope star point stars have been made as well.




The cats are sharing time in the kitty tree with the wonderful backdrop of green leaves. Jake was watching out the window.


While Baxter was keeping his eye on what was happening indoors.

5 thoughts on “A Short Stroll in the Neighbourhood

  1. Flowers and trees blooming make all the difference in the world, don’t they?
    It’s good to see the alien gardening and it’s good to see Baxter and Jake sharing the top of the kitty tree even if it’s not Baxter’s idea of fun!


  2. I love the flowers in the boots! I wonder if that is a Japanese type plum Tree or decorative cherry tree. I’m curious! So glad you had a nice day for a walk , beautiful photos.




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