A Few More Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

The butterfly kaleidoscope stars were in the back of my mind the whole time I was working on Springtime in Paris. So as soon as the piecing of it was finished, I printed a few more sheets of diamonds to make the final 16 butterfly kaleidoscope stars.


And once again, I cannot pick a favourite! Although I really love the centre of this one.


Or is it this one?


No, maybe this one.


Oh, I give up. There’s no way I can choose a favourite. I’m just going to show them.


They are each a bit of a surprise when stitched.


Because even when laying them out to stitch, while I have an idea how they’ll turn out …


… I don’t know for sure until the last stitch is taken and the little star is together.


And I think I spend more time deciding which end of the diamond will be in the centre than it takes to stitch each star.

Phew! Eight more to go, which I’ll show tomorrow, and then I’ll start sewing them together into the top. Yesterday I even printed some of the shapes I’ll need to start doing just that.


“K-Stars in Space.”

closeup Jakewtmk

A very soft focus shot of Jake.


I’m not quite sure what Baxter’s look says.

9 thoughts on “A Few More Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

    • As I use Inklingo to print the diamonds on the back of my fabric, it’s really easy. Take a look at this no-waste fussy cutting post on the All About Inklingo blog. It also has links to other posts on the subject of fussy cutting/printing to get the kaleidoscope effect — and they work like a charm. It’s such fun to see each one of the stars when they’re finished.


  1. Your creations are so beautiful! I can hardly wait to see what exciting new ideas you pull out of your magic bag each day! Perhaps the kitty cheering team helps?!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful day, filled with tiny stitches and no tangled threads!


  2. You are right, each star is special in it’s own way! Even the alien one!
    I think Baxter is thinking he’s not going to leave an inch of that top tier of the tree to chance that Jake might get up there.


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