The Final Eight Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars


I can’t believe I’m finished making these. This one makes me think of a peony.


They were such fun to see as each little surprise showed up when they were stitched together.


This is one of my favourites, although I seem to say that about each one as I finish.


Each so unique.


I love how the centre of this one came together to form a little — well, I don’t know, flower? Whatever it is, I love it.


I see a little blue snail on each diamond.


Then there’s this one. And the wonderful butterflies that appear on each diamond.


Of course the last one had to show off some pink butterflies.

I will get to revisit each of them as I start setting them into the top. It will take some time as I have a plan that will involve a lot of stitching and I’m in no rush. And I’ll definitely be working on other projects at the same time.

The itty-bitty star point kaleidoscope stars are among the projects calling out for attention. I have a little quilt of them already planned, the shapes printed and centre hexagons picked out. So I just need to get them all stitched.


“Time for the Game!”

The gardeners came yesterday and the roof garden now has its summer flowers. It looks gorgeous out there – wonderfully bright and colourful. This is such a lovely change after the long, drab winter months.


Sometimes the kitties share the kitty tree. At one point Jake was draped over the side of the lower tier.


While Baxter had possession of the upper level and was showing off his long, long legs.

11 thoughts on “The Final Eight Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. Aren’t they all so pretty……..I couldn’t choose a favourite if you paid me! I love the green leaves on your tree, and today’s kitty pics are wonderful too.


  2. Beautiful!!!! I love these stars do much! What fun! I’m in my knitting phase but am ready to quilt some once This becomes second nature that I’m working on , fairly new to knitting, then I can put it down n do both ,

    The cars look so regal As always, live mr q.o.s toons” 😉




  3. Hi Cathy, I’m still in love with the kaleidoscope stars, especially the first one here, the peony. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt and lunch on a warm day this summer.


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