Big Star, Little Stars

What’s the big star?


The butterfly kaleidoscope stars. Once each one is surrounded by the six batik diamonds, it’s a 4″ hexagon. So far I’ve printed enough of the 2″ diamonds to surround about a dozen of the kaleidoscope stars so I have lots yet left to do. It’s a fun and fast stitch as it’s nothing but loads of continuous stitching to surround each star with the batik diamonds. But this is only the start of the setting. There’s more to come yet.

And the little stars?


They’re the tiny stars made with the itty-bitty star points and the .50″ hexagon centres. These are very, very addictive to stitch and far too much fun. They’re dangerous for me. I can tell that my resistance is wavering as I’d like to print enough so that I’ll have 56 little stars. I’m trying really, really hard to not print them until I get the big butterfly kaleidoscope stars done. That’s not going to happen. I’ll be printing enough star points for another 28 of these little kaleidoscope stars, I bet, before the week is out!


“Big Star, Little Star.”

Our weather has been fabulous – nothing but lovely warm days and cool nights. And we all seem to be gearing up for the lazy days of summer.


Jake sure is – snoozing amongst the toys in the kitty tree.


While Baxter was snoozing in his kitty bed.

7 thoughts on “Big Star, Little Stars

  1. Your tiny little stars intregue me… Have you ever done a miniature quilt? I have seen a few and have thought of trying one sometime. They are adorable.


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