Butterfly Kaleidoscope Progress


Remember this empty project box?


Now it’s full again. All the butterfly kaleidoscope stars that haven’t yet had their setting diamonds added are in there.

On the weekend, my printer was busy churning out sheets of the batik printed with the 2″ diamonds I need to surround every one of the butterfly stars.  I’m still amazed at how quickly I can print hundreds and hundreds of shapes, even though I’ve been using Inklingo since it first came out. I don’t think it took more than half an hour or so and they were all ready. Some quick rotary cutting (with a new blade – more on that further down), and then they were all stacked up and ready to stitch. I love having everything ready like this and then be able to pick up a star with its surrounding diamonds. This to me is just nothing but pure enjoyment – all that fabulous continuous stitching as I add the setting diamonds is wonderful to have in front of me.


There are 19 of the stars completed now with their setting diamonds and many, many more to go. And I’m looking forward to every moment of these – the continuous stitching makes it so much fun. While I may not show each one of them separately again, I think I’ll be finding it impossible not to show groups as they get completed. There really is a difference in how they look when they’re surrounded by the batik diamonds.

What did I learn on the weekend? That I wait far, far, far too long before replacing my rotary cutting blade! I finally replaced it after I had cut the first sheet of diamonds apart on the weekend and couldn’t get over the difference. This time I put a mark on the calendar so I can see when I last changed it. And rather than throwing the blade out, I use that old blade in the rotary cutter I have set aside for cutting freezer paper. When printing templates on to the back of my fabrics with Inklingo, I always use custom size pages. So I cut freezer paper to the custom sizes. While a blade may be too dull for fabric cutting it still has loads of life left in it for cutting freezer paper. When they get too dull even for that, I have a case set aside that contains blades that are too dull for fabric but just perfect for cutting freezer paper.


Just in case we needed a reminder that it’s baseball season, Mr. Q.O. came home with a Blue Jays doughnut from Tim Hortons. I couldn’t believe my eyes! And according to Mr. Q.O. it was far too sweet. But oh, what fun!


“Kitty Marshmallow Roast”


Mr. Q.O. captioned this photo of Jake “Quilter’s Kitty.”


Baxter, just before he was about to climb up the kitty tree.

7 thoughts on “Butterfly Kaleidoscope Progress

  1. Such pretty stars – and the blue background fabric is perfect! Wow, a blue doughnut is hard to imagine. What a beautiful picture of Jake, one of the nicest I think – and Baxter is being his usual handsome self.


  2. pretty stars – pretty kitty! why oh why do we wait so long to change our blades lol – the price perhaps – I really need to look for the electric sharpener I was told about


  3. Goodness you get a lot done! I can’t wait to watch this quilt come together… Going to be so beautiful.

    That donut is a riot Lol




  4. Looks like you’ve been busy.
    I too leave my blade switching too long. I need to switch mine now. Thanks for the freezer paper tip, I hadn’t thought of that


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