Stars, Stars and More Stars


I know, I know – I said I wasn’t going to show each of these as I add their setting diamonds, but I can’t resist!


They really do look a bit different once they’re surrounded by the setting diamonds.


I am not picking favourites. It’s impossible.


When I want a little break from the butterfly kaleidoscope stars, I make a few more of these wonderfully tiny kaleidoscope stars. It’s hard to believe that the star points for these stars all came from the same fabric. It’s so easy to get these effects when printing on fabric with Inklingo. Just press freezer paper to the fabric, print and cut the shapes apart. In fact, it’s so easy that I find myself thinking of other shapes that might work for some kaleidoscope blocks. This could be dangerous.

Yesterday I had to go to a lab to have blood taken for some tests. I won’t say a word about how incredibly crowded the waiting room was, how long the wait was or the fact there wasn’t a window anywhere and I’m claustrophobic. What had me rather intrigued were the tile designs on the floor. There were pinwheels, square in a square and the design that was almost making me laugh out loud. What was it? Flying geese pointing to the little cubicles where the vampires await – oops, sorry – where the lab technicians are. I saw one person across the waiting room who was watching me looking at the various designs in the floor. I wonder whether she thought I was completely losing my mind because of the long, long wait or if she was another quilter and had also noticed them.

Stargazing Wizardswtmk

“Stargazing Wizards”


See the red arrow? It’s pointing to the stylus Mr. Q.O. uses with the iPad to do the Baxtertoons. I thought Baxter was trying to hatch it. Mr. Q.O. says he wanted the iPad so he could draw a ‘toon himself. And thus this photo is named “Gimme the iPad.”


Jake, snoozing in his kitty bed.

12 thoughts on “Stars, Stars and More Stars

  1. Absolutely beautiful…sort of matches up with the meteor showers and shooting stars people have been spotting of late!


  2. You should have taken a picture of the floor! That would have had everyone in the room wondering about you at that point! LOL!
    Those toonies are always up to something! And I am sure Baxter has a few ideas of his own when it comes to the toons.


  3. Your galaxy of shooting stars won’t take long at this rate! Did you get a picture of the floor pattern? They can be inspirations for quilt designs.Hello to the kitties today – Baxter, does this mean you will be drawing the next toon?


  4. Yes! I want pics of the floor too! You’ll just have to be sure to take your camera along next time! And that will give you a distraction for a long wait. Which, at least for me, would assure you of a SHORT wait. LOL! Great stars, great ‘toon – and I LOVE that Baxter wants to draw too! Fun!


  5. I too see patterns, and sometimes a great photo opportunity, really need that tiny camera handy. Guess the stars are going ahead full steam. And the boys with their toys, is he keeping it warm? Hugs,Jean


  6. You are dangerous. Your stars are so beautiful. Makes me want to follow in your footsteps. Good luck with your doctoring. Good thing they had an interesting floor or you could have been psycho by the time they got to you. Happy stitching.


  7. Love them alll But he one with yellow center And red blooms in the center of the 3 in Photograph really grabs me.

    Fun fun fun!

    You make me want to get a kitty..

    Tell me q.o. That I love his toons! 🙂




  8. I love these little stars. This is going to be a wonderful quilt. I bet Baxter does want to have his chance to draw some Baxtertoons. Hope the aliens & kitties enjoy the full moon 🙂


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