More and More Butterfly Stars


Thanks to a couple of lovely comments on the last post, I am going to keep showing these beauties as I add their setting diamonds.


But I am not going to try to pick favourites.


Because it is, as I keep saying, absolutely impossible!


That said, I really love the centre of this one.


Mr. Q.O. has picked this one as his favourite of this group.


I will show the back of these just once because, since I pressed all the stars the same way, they’ll all look the same after pressing and grading.

Even though I still have many, many stars to finish and then to join to finish the quilt top, I am finding myself already thinking about the next kaleidoscope project. Will it be more stars? Perhaps some smaller Patchwork of the Crosses blocks? Maybe another Drunkard’s Path project? There are so many choices and it’s so easy with Inklingo to audition fabrics – just print a sheet of the shape on paper, make a window template and start playing. I now have a file folder of my various window templates and just about every fabric gets auditioned. Because I clearly have a real addiction to kaleidoscope blocks!


“Catching Fireflies”

The window washers finally arrived this week. We did the inside, they did the outside and now it feels like we can almost reach out and touch the leaves on the tree. And both kitties have been enjoying their lovely clear view of the birds and squirrels out on the roof garden.


Baxter had possession of the upper tier of the kitty tree. I love that we have the great green backdrop to pictures now that the leaves are all out on the trees. And the office buildings are almost hidden. This is my favourite time of year!


Jake was snoozing in his favourite spot.

8 thoughts on “More and More Butterfly Stars

  1. I was in my twenties when I saw my first fireflies. I thought they were magical. Just like your stars. Thanks Mr.Q.O.for the memories and Cathie for the stars.


  2. The stars are beautiful as expected! I am surprised that the kitties are catching the fireflies and not eating them! LOL! Mine catch and eat, it’s their night time entertainment.


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