Three More Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

Why only three? Because I spent a lot of time on the weekend figuring out the setting for the completed butterfly kaleidoscope stars. Now that’s done I’m going to work to get the butterfly kaleidoscope stars finished as quickly as I can.


First up is this one. The centre makes me think of some sort of really intricate knot.


Then this one which is my favourite of this little group because I love the centre – makes me think of a flower.


The final one that I got finished on the weekend.

What have I learned this weekend? That I really do need to remember to use a fresh needle more often. I realized that when it felt as though I was trying to sew with a toothpick. Got a fresh needle and the difference was incredible. Usually I try to remember to change needles after about two evenings worth of stitching, but it seems I was trying to stretch that a bit too far.

I’ve been using Feedly, on and off, since the end of Google Reader. And I’ve tried Digg. Neither of them have been perfect, so I’m slowly subscribing to blogs I love to read by e-mail, if the blog offers that option. Have you found a reader that’s better than Digg or Feedly?

We had absolutely perfect weather on the weekend, although it sounds as though the warmer and more humid weather is about to start today. After the winter we had, I won’t complain no matter how hot it gets.


“Gone Fishing”


Jake has a tendency to sleep in some very odd positions. He was sound asleep just like this, although his eyes opened when he heard the camera being turned on.


Baxter was back in the top tier of the kitty tree, this time looking in towards the kitchen. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Hey, that’s MY food dish!”

16 thoughts on “Three More Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. I love you blocks and look forward to seeing more! For reading blogs on my tablet and phone, I use Sparse RSS. It works great for most blogs.


  2. I have feedly and while I am not 100% satisfied with it I haven’t really thought to change. I do not know why I have not subscribed by e mail I do have that feature on my blog after all!


  3. I had been using email for blogs but am changing over to Bloglovin. I didn’t receive some blog posts for over two months through the email service Feed Burner.


  4. I’ve been using Bloglovin since Apple stopped letting my follow blogs in the Mail application. I like it. I have the app on my iPad. I haven’t used any other so I can’t say how it stacks up.


  5. I love the movement that the fussy cutting creates in these little stars. This is going to be a great quilt. I am using Feedly and it works alright (I still miss google reader). The Feedly app works OK on my iPhone too.


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