Rosy Towers Finished


The stack of 90 rosy towers. All ready to be stitched to melons which means the fun is about to really begin — nothing but lovely curved piecing.


Every one of them has been pressed and the seams graded. If you click on this one to enlarge it, I think you can see the lines and matching points that are printed on the towers using the Inklingo collection – they’re what’s going to make this oh, so easy to stitch. I don’t have to even think twice about it, just pin and stitch and everything will fit.

I’m really hoping I can stay as focused on this quilt as I have been so far, as I think it will almost put itself together now. All the design part of this is done, I know where each of the different rosy towers go so now it really should be fast. I’m even hopeful that it might be together by the end of April. Stay tuned. We’ll soon find out.


“Croissants de Catnip”


Jake was posing for a photo on the weekend.


As was Baxter.

9 thoughts on “Rosy Towers Finished

  1. Oh, that must be so exciting to have all of those ready to go! I can’t wait to see it. Of course, I hope a new Inklingo set of patterns doesn’t come along too soon and throw the idea of staying on schedule to the wind! LOL!
    Are those cats still in France? Must be the French female felines!
    Great pics of the boys!


  2. Wow! Lots of stitching Looks great! Pretty pics of kittieS So glad you have another Loves outdoor cafés n people watching In Paris 😉

    Sandra, Quilting and Happy in N.C.



  3. OH, to be a cat in Paris and drool over the tasty menus!! Love those stacks ready to go, April 1st here, no Fool’s Jokes yet at 8 a.m. 29 days and maybe we’ll see it all finished, love those shades together. Cheers, Jean.


  4. Um – the part about “…I think it will almost put itself together now…” maybe NOT so much! Cathi, your work is AMAZING! I know you are following the ink, but your stitches are beautiFULL! Happy Stitching! 🙂 Judy


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