And Yet More Rosy Towers


I’ve been busy. And have made this many more rosy towers to add to the …


… growing stack of them.

big stackswtmk

Which really is growing when I look at them side by side with the empty spool beside them.


And the stack of towers yet to be stitched is going down.

blocks to be done combowtmk

Which is even more evident in this picture.

At this rate I’ll be finished with the rosy towers and will be adding the peels by sometime this weekend. And I can’t wait. And Springtime in Paris is going to grow quickly once I get to the curved piecing. I know I go on about it, but there is no way I’d be making this quilt were it not for Inklingo. With the perfect stitching lines and matching marks printed right on my fabrics with the Orange Peel Deluxe collection, it makes curved piecing even more fun – just pin at the matching points, stitch and so on and so on and so on. No worries that things aren’t going to fit. Because they do – perfectly every time. I had my fabrics ready to print and printed and cut out in far, far less time than it would have taken me to trace templates.


“Kitty Pop Art.”


When we were taking the pictures of the stacks of completed rosy towers and ones yet to be finished, Jake was just waiting in the wings for his picture to be taken.


I think Baxter likes to sit here because of his love of water. He somehow knows there’s a lot of water just beneath, if only he could figure out how to open the lid.

3 thoughts on “And Yet More Rosy Towers

  1. Looks like you’ve been busy. Looking forwardto seeing you start to put them all together.
    EQ for Mac is out? Hmm, I might have to consider buying it. Not that I don’t have enough plans queued already without adding more designs to the list.


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