More and More Rosy Towers


Where did I go? To stitch more and more of these.


The stack of finished rosy towers is growing.


But there are many more yet to be stitched. I’m really, really hoping I get this stack finished this week because then the real fun begins. And the quilt top will grow quickly. And it will be nothing but curved piecing once the last of the towers are stitched on to the centre squares. I might be back a bit more often this week showing the stack of squares/towers slowly going down … I hope. They are relatively quick to stitch as each set of four towers is joined to a square with continuous stitching.


What else have I been doing? Playing with EQ in Mac! The very first thing I did was work on the layout of the Springtime in Paris quilt as I’m working with a very definite fabric placement plan. Having it all sorted out in EQ and something I can easily see is much better than my indecipherable notes on paper were. Or having to put up the temporary design wall and then spending hours and hours moving the peels around. I am so thrilled to have EQ for Mac – no more dealing with an old PC laptop and an impossibly small trackpad. Now I have loads of screen to see and my big Mac trackpad and it’s just wonderful! Definitely worth the wait.

I can’t remember the last time I was so determined to stick with just one project. Even though I’ve been sorely, sorely tempted to do some fussy printing/cutting – all thanks to the gorgeous blocks Linda has been showing on the All About Inklingo blog like the ones here and here.  So much temptation!! Fussy cut 90-degree hexagons are definitely in my future. And I even have the window templates ready to play with either the 1″ 90-degree hexagons or the 1.5″ ones. But I stopped. Was almost ready to audition some fabrics but I caught myself in time. And stopped. But it was hard. Very, very hard. There are two or three fabrics that I think are going to do wonderful things when fussy cut/printed for 90-degree hexagons. I may just have to stop looking at pictures of Linda’s blocks. Because, as we all know, my power to resist playing is very, very limited.

parc finalwtmk

We are getting close to opening day for baseball. And having watched the games in Australia on the weekend, we are more than ready. Seems the little alien and kitties are ready too — although I wonder just how popular baseball might be in Paris.


I love this shot of plushy little Jake. Mr. Q.O. captioned it “I Sleeps.” He really wasn’t asleep, was just draped over the side of the chair but closed his eyes the minute the camera was turned on.


Baxter was lounging on the couch. And, as usual, posing for the camera.

4 thoughts on “More and More Rosy Towers

  1. BEAUTIFUL!~ You are so smart to do all of these at once… I would have trouble resisting adding to each one, but this is the best way. What a pretty quilt this will be!~ Love the other photos and toon too!~ I always look forward to your posts. Sandra


  2. Baseball is played in our town……apparently it’s quite popular in this area, and there’s a big annual carnival held here too. Your tower has probably grown even more since you wrote this post! What a gorgeous pic of Jake……and yes, Baxter, you are always handsome too!


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