A Sunny Sunflower


We may be in the grip of an Arctic vortex weather pattern, but I’m living in denial happily making sunflowers. This one is a sunny sunflower, perhaps something we’d see at the height of summer.


The back, after grading the seams and pressing.

The project box with all the pieces ready to stitch into more sunflowers is quite full so I think I can happily ignore winter and stitch sunflowers for quite some time. Until I get distracted. Which is probably going to happen really soon, maybe even this week.


What might distract me? Well, it will be redoing the four-patch blocks for the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt. I laid out the two blocks and immediately realized that the blue and yellow four patches are just way too strong and overwhelming. I’m going to audition some other fabrics for the four patches. Once I sort that out, I’ll either get the replacement four patches made or perhaps substitute a plain 3″ square, make the rest of the units and then I’ll use a different layout altogether – perhaps one of the alternate arrangements shown in the Inklingo Clue 6.

What I’ll do with the blue and yellow four patch blocks is something I’m trying to figure out. I may just put them all together and turn them into a kitty quilt.


“Arctic Vortex? No Problem!” Seems there are alien ways of generating warmth so that no one gets cold no matter what the temperature may be.


Jake found a cozy spot to curl up.


And so did Baxter.

4 thoughts on “A Sunny Sunflower

  1. a sunflower is the perfect denial for cold weather – you are much more north than I am and I can’t imagine the cold weather you are having when I woke up to 9 degrees this morning – finally after two days our weather will break a little today and get up to the 30’s later today! I hate these very cold days we have


  2. That’s a very pretty sunflower, I love that fabric! If you replace the blue and yellow four patches will the remaining blue and yellow fabrics also be too strong? The blue does stand out. Love the alien vortex, I bet Baxter and Jake would like one too.


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