Another Blue Sunflower


I really needed some continuous stitching and curved piecing and nothing is better for that than the little 6″ sunflowers. This one makes me think of tropical waters again. And that’s a rather nice thing to be thinking about as we are headed into a few days of a real deep freeze. I am not looking forward to that at all.


All the seams graded and the little block is pressed and ready to add to the group. The batik in this sunflower has a design that seems to confuse the camera as it really isn’t showing up well at all. It seems to be blurring the design.

I thought about starting a new project for the new year, but decided instead to try to focus on the sunflowers for a week or two and then decide. There are two design ideas that I want to work with, but I’d also like to finish or close to finish something. So for now it’s sunflowers. With, I’m sure, some other little blocks thrown in now and then because I am so easily distracted!


“Alien Snowmobile.”


Jake has found the kitty tree. And, in particular, the top level of the kitty tree.


Baxter’s look when he saw Jake up there says it all, “Is that Jake in my tree?”

8 thoughts on “Another Blue Sunflower

  1. The sunflowers warmed me up…for a few seconds! It is deep freeze here and not fun!
    Keep warm and why doesn’t Cappy and his friend have coats on?
    I do believe you need another kitty tree, I was wondering when that was going to happen and what the outcome would be, the top of the tree is sacred ground for the owner!


  2. That icy blue colour makes me think of glaciers……we cruised in Alaska several years ago, and that is their colour. Jake, you are pushing friendship a little! Love the alien snowmobile, it looks like fun.


  3. Yes, I agree with Sara and Barbara, you do really need another Kitty Tree. Well, unless they lay up there together, that will probably be the next pose for a photo shoot. I’m making a prediction……..
    Love the Sunflower, and it does look like tropical waters, I wish, it’s 10 degrees in central Ohio.


  4. I’m reading backwards this time – maybe not a good idea as it means I have to keep going back and “starting” at the top 🙂
    Love the yellow and blue sunflowers. And another mystery quilt – see what happens when I go offline for two months, a mystery quilt is released AND revealed. lol. I look forward to seeing what you use in place of the yellow and blue nine patch.


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