Tiny Baskets


These are what I was talking about yesterday – another tiny block. The lure of the 3″ baskets was too much for me. I grabbed some ’30s scraps and a white muslin and got started. I love piecing the handles. There’s something so satisfying about making these and they’re very quick to stitch.


And this is how I’m going to set the little baskets. Somehow they seem to just call out for the ’30s prints. Or, for that matter, any cute little print. Or batiks. Or — well, you get the idea. I just can’t resist them.


Little block pressed and the seams graded a bit.


And a nice little stack of pieces all ready to make another 11 little baskets. These little blocks have it all – curved piecing, some continuous stitching possibilities and loads and loads of cute!


“Happy New Year!”


The other night Jake decided he would groom Baxter. And groom him and groom him. It went on for quite a few minutes. Baxter seemed quite content to have his personal groomer.

14 thoughts on “Tiny Baskets

  1. Cathi, Those baskets are darling. They are so perfect. Mr. QO’s toon is cute too, all the detail, tiny hats etc., very fun. Then the best is Jake grooming Baxter, so sweet. Such a lovely post to finish out the year and bring in the new. Hope it is a wonderful one for you and your precious family.


  2. Those baskets have to be the CUTEST blocks you’ve ever made! Over the top!
    I see the New Year toon is ready to party and Jake and Baxter are true friends, how great is that!
    Happy New Year!


  3. Beautiful baskets, tiny pieces, such fine stitching, I can see the Mother Ship in the toon, hovering to welcome in 2014!!! New Year Greetings to you and yours, Jake and Baxter too, buddies together, XXX, Jean


  4. Sweet 30’s prints do seem perfect for these charming little baskets. 🙂 Our older cat, Spin, loves to groom the younger male, Flip, for ages at a time. Like maybe he doesn’t think Flip’s doing a good enough job, LOL.


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