Clue 5


This is such a fun little unit to put together – thanks to the method Linda Franz teaches in her free download for Clue 5, I found it really quick to stitch. It’s written for machine piecing, but I  adapted it for hand piecing and was making these in no time. As soon as the clue came out I got my shapes printed and, in a little under two hours, I had 10 of them made. I think these units, along with those in Clue 2, are my favourites as far as making them goes. It’s just such fun to see them come out so perfectly.


Seams graded and the little unit pressed.


These are all I’ve got done so far – maybe a fifth of each clue.  So I have many, many hours of enjoyable stitching ahead of me before I’ll have all the units for the small quilt done, but I’m enjoying the process and the learning of new methods – thanks to the fabulous one-page tip sheets that Linda has made available for the clues.


I had to play with some possible layouts of the units, using my stitching book as a design wall. This was what I came up with. I’m linking up and am going off to see what others have come up with as possible ideas for this mystery at Bonnie’s link-up post which you can find here.

Wait until you see what else I’ve been working on – I’ll be showing it tomorrow. Another tiny block that I just can’t resist.


“Snowman” or is it snow alien?


Baxter and Jake were lounging on the floor together.

11 thoughts on “Clue 5

  1. Nice little blocks! Yes, now I am wondering what you’ve come up with for tomorrow!
    I would think the crew is getting ready for fireworks! Unless aliens are afraid of all that going on in the sky.
    Baxter and Jake look like true friends, so nice that they get along so well.


  2. The snow has melted here, although the temps are still lower than I’d like to see. But… I get to stop in and see those cheery floral prints of yours again. Thanks for that touch of springtime!


  3. lovely blocks, want to see it all done!!! Guess part of the excitement is the waiting. Aliens, Jake and Baxter, they are all waiting?? Does New Year have anyone call round to their place? All Very Best Greetings to you for the New Year,,Jean.


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