16 Little Baskets

The tiny 3″ baskets are all done. And now it’s time to pick a setting. Shall I set them like this with the handles of each little group of four facing out and each group of four being all the … Continue reading

Baskets and More Baskets

Remember I had printed combo sheets of all the pieces needed for a 4.5″ basket on 10 fabrics? Well, I decided to finish making those 10 baskets. First a pair of blue and white baskets. Then a very pale pink … Continue reading

Little & Big Baskets

I couldn’t resist and made one of the 6″ baskets last night. I have some French General fabrics that have been waiting for just the right project. The baskets may be just the perfect project for them. I think I’ll … Continue reading

Baskets Galore

Want to see something really, really cute that’s really, really tiny? Of course you do! Look at these itsy-bitsy 3″ baskets! Yesterday three new Inklingo basket collections were released for 3″, 4.5″ and 6″ basket blocks. Each collection has some … Continue reading