And Yet More Baskets


The 4.5″ Inklingo basket collection proved to be all too enticing. I grabbed 10 fabrics and printed a combo sheet on a piece of each fabric. That way I can mix and match as much as I want. Of course I had to start with blue and white.


Then white and blue.


Then a blue and white and blue.


And then this one.


I think this one may be my favourite.


Now I’ve made at least one of each of the three sizes. The 3″ basket is probably my favourite as I love miniatures. The 4.5″ one is a very quick stitch. And the 6″ one is a great size for a quilt and is the perfect size to showcase some fabrics I had been saving for just the right idea.

So far I’ve pieced all the handles because, of course, I love curved piecing. I’m going to print a few of the background pieces that have the handle outline printed on the back for back basting and appliqué those handles. Who knows? Those baskets may have handles that are different than the base of the baskets. I love having all these choices!


“Admiring the Basket.”


I think this is one of the best shots we’ve taken of Baxter so far.

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