Baskets and More Baskets

Remember I had printed combo sheets of all the pieces needed for a 4.5″ basket on 10 fabrics? Well, I decided to finish making those 10 baskets.


First a pair of blue and white baskets.


Then a very pale pink and a tiny floral print pair of baskets.


Then another pair of blue and white baskets.


Then my favourite – a paisley and music print pair of baskets.


And yet another pair of blue and white baskets. Clearly I have a thing for blue and white. I think all the blue and white baskets may end up in a small quilt of their own while the more scrappy ones will all play together. Or maybe not. Who knows? It will be some time before I’ve finished making enough of the 4.5″ baskets and decide what I’m doing with them.

Next I’m going to make some more of the 3″ baskets. Those tiny baskets are amazing fun to make.

Peter's Starwtmk

Yesterday a very special doctor passed away. I knew he had been ill for the last couple of months, but I had so hoped he’d recover and be back. Those of us who were fortunate enough to be his patients were the recipients of amazingly good advice served up with a liberal helping of humour, common sense and hugs. And there is definitely an extra bright, extra large star in the sky now.

Image 11-14-2013 at 11.58 PMwtmk

Now that the leaves are all gone from the tree in front of the living room window, Baxter is definitely taking advantage of the sunbeams streaming in.

3 thoughts on “Baskets and More Baskets

  1. Sorry to hear about your Doctor, Cathi…..his light must be shining very brightly! Cute little baskets, they wouldn’t hold much though would they? *grin* You enjoy that sun, Baxter!


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