Tiny Baskets


After some thought, I figured finishing something might help me get past the blahs I seem to be in the midst of. So I now have at least one 3″ basket done in each of the four fabrics I’m using for this little quilt. And now I’m wondering – shall I set them like this, with one of each colour?


Or like this?


Or will it be even more fun if I set them like this? There are going to be 16 of the tiny baskets in total with perhaps some sashing and there may be a small border.

But, of course, plans have a way of getting changed and the tiny basket quilt may well have to go on the back burner. Just after I decided to focus on the baskets, we found out that good friends are going to become grandparents in June. You know what that means, right? Baby quilt!

The ideas are flowing. Will it be a Drunkard’s Trail? Or maybe a Japanese X or Spool quilt? Or maybe a Hunter’s Star? Whatever design it is, it is going to be very bright.

come on ... print somethingwtmk

I’d better decide and get going as Baxter seems to be saying, “Come on … print something and get started!” He loves to take over my computer desk.


While Jake is catching up on his reading with Raggedy Ann.



9 thoughts on “Tiny Baskets

  1. japanese x please I want to see it done with brights. The tiny baskets look good with al 4 colours in each block with the handles facing out. The coons love to be where you are don’t they. Jake looks like a very cute kitty.


  2. What fun! My neice just announced she is expecting her first child in August, baby quilts always inspire me too can’t wait to see where your inspiration leads you. I think my neice is planning a “Curious George” theme for the nursery so I may be getting some of the licenced fabric and incorporating it into a baby quilt.


  3. I like the four of the same color with the handles out as that leaves a nice square inside to quilt a design in and please don’t put them on the back burner, they are so neat! But I suppose your back burner is pretty full, LOL!


  4. I too like 4 colours and handles out, how many blocks will there be, and are these the 4 colours in total. Wonderful news of a new baby on the way, I’m sure you will choose something bright and cheery. Greetings from Jean


  5. Your baskets will be adorable however you decide to set them. When I made a miniature quilt with 3″ baskets, I put the handles in and added a small pieced border
    but I also had a hard time deciding. My handles were thicker — I like yours better.

    Belated congratulations on the new addition to your family — it’s wonderful that Baxter and Jake get along so well. Two very handsome boys.


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