Burgundy Sunflower


I thought a nice rich sunflower would be a good addition to the growing pile of finished sunflowers and this burgundy one is certainly rich. I have now lost count of how many are done, so I think it may soon be time to put up the temporary design wall again and put them all up.


The back, after grading the seams and pressing.

What have I been doing? Dithering. Jumping from one project to another and not able to settle on one. Usually that means that I’m itching to start a new project and I think may be it. I have a couple of design ideas that are really appealing to me but starting yet another new project when I have so many already on the go? Maybe it’s time to go through the various projects I have on the go and make some decisions.

Since Thursday, all I’ve done is that one sunflower and a few of the colourful nine patch blocks on point. Other than that I’ve picked up project boxes, looked in them, sorted through them and have hardly taken a stitch. Totally unlike me. 

What do you do when you have too many projects on the go? Do you find that you’re almost paralyzed by the choices of what to work on?

tropic vortexwtmk

The Arctic vortex weather system is gone, thank goodness, and we’ve had some fairly mild temperatures for us, but seems the alien decided he and the kitties needed to head somewhere there was a tropical vortex.


Now Baxter and Jake are both guarding the toy basket. Maybe from each other?

11 thoughts on “Burgundy Sunflower

  1. Cathi, What a beautiful block, it looks delicious like a grape drink. Those kitties are so cute, I think they both know how photogenic they are and keep thinking up fun symmetry for the camera. A few days in the tropics would be fun, I like the way Mr. Q.O. thinks.


  2. that is usually the point I get to when I say hey I have to start to work on mainly one at a time and get some finishes LOL – I think that was the point I got to this past fall and I have been working on finishes – I rarely only work on only 3 quilts at a time and that is what I have been doing lately. What size are the sunflower blocks – quite pretty


  3. Is there really a point of no return on the number of projects? LOL! Yes, I have gotten to the point where I need to finish some before starting others, but it is a hard decision on what to work on. I have 40 plus quilts in various stages and some just need to be bound! And then along comes another magnificent pattern and it’s all downhill after that!
    Looks like Baxter and Jake are at a stalemate.


  4. When I get to the point of too many quilts started I make a decision which ones can just be a small quilt and finish them. Some are certainly more fun to work on than others and they become the larger quilts.


  5. I love that sunflower! When I feel as though I have too many projects on the go (like now!) I try to prioritise one hand project and one machine project and concentrate on them until they’re either finished or at the end of a stage (e.g. the top is finished, etc.).


  6. Superb colour in that sunflower, too many things on the go?? Never, they will all get finished one day. Sunshine and sand, looks good even to me down here in our hot summer time. Greetings to all, Jean.


    • The quilt in my header has a few names, but one of the most common is Texas Star. It’s a very simple pattern to stitch made up of star points and two sizes of hexagons. I made it using Inklingo to print the templates right on to the back of my fabrics.


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