Baskets Galore

Want to see something really, really cute that’s really, really tiny?

Of course you do!


Look at these itsy-bitsy 3″ baskets! Yesterday three new Inklingo basket collections were released for 3″, 4.5″ and 6″ basket blocks. Each collection has some appliqué possibilities. I could have back-basted and appliquéd the handle on this little block, but I pieced the handle as I wanted to use a different fabric underneath the handle so that my basket would have a flower in it. I learned to love piecing rather than appliquéing handles when I was making diamonds from Quilted Diamonds 2 years ago. So much so that after a quick lesson on EQ, I was amending some of the diamonds into basket designs just so I could do more basket diamonds.


The back of one of the little blocks, after pressing but before I graded the seams.


And the pieces for another little 3″ block, laid out and ready to sew. These are seriously addictive stitching. Almost as addictive as kaleidoscope stars. Having the perfect stitching lines and matching points makes it easy to piece even these little handles.

I know I’ll make more of the 3″ baskets and have an idea for a little doll quilt made of them. I already know exactly what I’m going to make with some 6″ baskets along with another block. And now I have yet another idea for using the 4.5″ baskets with a different 4.5″ block. Seems like there are going to be a lot of baskets in my future. Now if only I could stitch as fast I can come up with ideas! I will make at least one 4.5″ and one 6″ basket over the next couple of days but then I’m going to try to resist them and kaleidoscope stars and get the quilting done on the Summer Picnic Dish. My goal is to have it finished by the end of November.


Friends have a new kitty, a very cute little red kitty. The alien set up the kitty teleporter so the little kitten could come for a quick visit and meet the gang, who are all getting ready for Hallowe’en.


Baxter having a snooze in his kitty tree and looking a bit rumpled, I think!

7 thoughts on “Baskets Galore

  1. What fun baskets! Why did I know that you would start with the tiniest one? They will make a fabulous doll bed quilt. And how cute is little Pappy in the basket? It’s a basket kind of day! He is happy to be teleported to play with the others. Cute! And what costume is Baxter wearing for Trick or Treating tonight?


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