Kitties in the Castle

A little more fussy cutting of kitties in an octagon and I was on my way to making another Castle Wall block. The hardest part of making this block was choosing the fabrics once I’d picked out the kitties to … Continue reading

Stitching a Castle Wall Block

All we’ve heard for the past few days is that there’s a big snowstorm headed right for us so I decided yesterday I needed to make a block that really felt like summer. So pinks and greens were my choice … Continue reading

Cats in the Castle and A Question

The 4.5″ Castle Wall block really, really appeals to me. For the first one, I just couldn’t resist making a whimsical block with some kitties peeking out of the castle. Once I had found the kitty print to fussy print/cut, … Continue reading

Castle Wall

Don’t you love that name? Castle Wall – it makes me think of all sorts of possible fabric combinations. Something shabby chic, perhaps with some toile thrown in. Or perhaps greys, blacks, whites with a splash of colour somewhere.  Or … Continue reading