Block Beginning

I’m having such fun making these Castle Wall blocks that I decided to print the shapes for one of the variations of the 9″ Castle Wall block.


And that’s what you see in this little group — all the shapes I need for the 9″ Castle Wall block printed with Inklingo and cut out, ready to stitch. I’m hoping to finish the block tonight and have the finished block ready to show tomorrow.

After I finish this block, I’ll be ready to decide which size and variation I want to use to make a lap quilt. The others? They’ll make great mug rugs or perhaps will get turned into tiny medallion quilts. I rather like that idea.


“A Celebration of Cats.”


Baxter and Jake are both determined to stay close to the toy basket.

5 thoughts on “Block Beginning

  1. Are you going to make a French castle out of French General fabrics? Can’t quite tell if that is FG fabric.
    Big question, why aren’t those cats and aliens at the Olympics?


  2. I like reading your adventures with Inklingo. I really like using it too. Celtic Solstice was my first foray into using it. I want to be able to use it in everything I do. Maybe someday. Gotta work thru all the quilts in my queue first.
    Do you use it with precuts too?


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