Kitties in the Castle


A little more fussy cutting of kitties in an octagon and I was on my way to making another Castle Wall block. The hardest part of making this block was choosing the fabrics once I’d picked out the kitties to fussy cut/print. Initially I had decided to go with a red and black combination for the QSTs but it was too dark and wasn’t giving the block the look I wanted. As winter just won’t end, I wanted fabrics to work with that at least gave me the feel of spring.


The back after pressing and grading the seams.

I couldn’t resist playing with the bonus QST shape in the 6″ Castle Wall Inklingo collection to make this block. Each one of the collections has a different bonus shape. So far I’ve worked with bonus shapes in the 4.5″ and 6″ collections and have a plan for a 9″ Castle Wall block made with one of the bonus shapes in that collection.

The bonus? While I was hunting for the right fabrics for the 6″ block, I found a lot of the blocks I’ve made and can see quite a few mug rugs in my future. I’ve finally decided on a use for all the test blocks I’ve made – mug rugs! And I can have some fun designing a mug rug around the blocks.


“Getting Milk.” Seems the kitties have found a new friend.


Jake is really fitting in. He has finally decided, I think, that we’re safe and I’m getting more and more lap time visits from him. And when he does arrive for some lap time, on comes the instant purr. There is nothing like a kitty purr to drain all the tension away.


Baxter knows how to deal with these dreary days of winter – curl up somewhere cozy and have a snooze.

7 thoughts on “Kitties in the Castle

  1. Sent you a message but must have went out yonder. Pretty block, red and black still my favorite. Your husband’s art must be growing on me. He runs a close 2nd to you in talent. You both make my day. Thanks


  2. This is a very cute block. I love the quarter squares. The construction is deceptive – it makes you think it is put together in a different way. I love blocks like this because they make you stop to study it and see the configuration. :o)


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