Design Wall Celtic Solstice Play

Now that I have enough of all the units done, I decided to play. The temporary design wall was put into place and then I put up four of the alternative blocks I came up with from the mystery. My blocks will finish at 15″ each and I’ve decided to make a 45″ x 60″ lap quilt with them. I’ve still not decided on the borders and will leave that decision until I have the blocks all put together.


This was the alternate layout I had been thinking of for the units I’ve pieced so far using the Inklingo Celtic Solstice collection to print my shapes. I like it but wanted to see how it would look if I moved a couple of things.


First I rotated the blue chevrons. I like this but wanted to try one more thing.


A quick rotation of the four-patch blocks, and it looks like this. It breaks up the yellow a bit at the intersections where they meet the Birds in the Air units. I’m pretty sure this is the layout I’m going to choose, but will take a couple of days to decide.

I have quite a few units still to make, but I may just stitch at least two of the blocks together once I’m sure which layout I’m going with. Or perhaps I’ll stitch together all four of them as they will give me the roadmap going forward. Because, knowing me, it may take quite some time before I get this finished!

I’m linking up to Bonnie’s last link-up post on the mystery quilt and now I’m headed there to have a wander about to see what others have done as well.


It started snowing around midnight Tuesday and continued all through Wednesday. Of course we had appointments at the eye doctor Wednesday afternoon. Couldn’t have been Tuesday afternoon, when it wasn’t snowing. No, it had to be Wednesday. I took this shot out the cab window on the way home.

super wallwtmk

“Super Design Wall.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a castle in Ireland to use as a design wall?


Jake really stretches out in the kitty bed. And is within paw’s reach of the toy basket.


While Baxter is surveying his kingdom from atop the kitty tree. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Has he got Cappy?”

7 thoughts on “Design Wall Celtic Solstice Play

  1. The toon design wall, is it patented? That could be a real money earner. Lovely layouts, they all look totally lovely to me. Take care on those roads, as your next storm approaches. Cheers from Jean, p.s. we had 33.3 Celsius yesterday, this morning, 8th Feb here, it is raining.


  2. Hmmmm……all interesting layouts! Some cities now project coloured lights onto the outside of building, both historic and contemporary – it looks a lot like your Irish castle design wall. Brrrr to the snow, although some of it would be welcome here, today is forecast to be 38 deg again…… least the kitties have their fur coats to keep them warm!


  3. I’m about at the same point you are in Celtic Solstice. I was feeling guilty being so far behind. This is my first project using Inklingo, and I really like it! I like your alternate layouts too. The middle one, the yellows look almost like hearts. I think I like that.


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