Castle Wall

Don’t you love that name? Castle Wall – it makes me think of all sorts of possible fabric combinations. Something shabby chic, perhaps with some toile thrown in. Or perhaps greys, blacks, whites with a splash of colour somewhere.  Or perhaps something very subtle in all one colour family. Or something very dramatic with some metallic or Asian fabrics. The possibilities seem endless!


Of course this all got started when three new Inklingo collections were released yesterday – 4.5″, 6″ and 9″ Castle Wall collections. And I had to make one right away. And I had to do a little fussy printing/cutting for the centre octagon.

And surprise! I chose the 6″ to play with first. I can’t wait to play with the 4.5″ and 9″ blocks too, but for some reason the 6″ block seemed like just the right size. It is fabulous fun to make this block and it is pretty quick to stitch. I printed my shapes in no time before dinner, then cut and started stitching after dinner. There are possibilities for some continuous stitching, lots of my favourite inset seams and — oh, I’m well and truly sunk.


The back of my 6″ Castle Wall, after grading the seams and pressing.

The timing for these new collections couldn’t have been better. I really needed something to get me out of the winter blahs I seem to have succumbed to this year. I don’t know if  it’s the extreme cold or what exactly has been the cause, but I’ve had more evenings this past month when I didn’t stitch a thing than I can remember ever having before.

Now I’ve got to get serious about making the baby quilt, but Castle Wall ideas are going to be floating through my mind. Could this be the project for that wonderful stack of Paris Flea Market fabrics along with some batiks? Or is it perhaps something that can be made of nothing but lots of different shabby chic prints and totally scrappy? I can’t wait to play a bit with it in EQ.




Jake loves playing with Cappy. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Mine (for now).”


Baxter was playing king of the castle atop the kitty tree.

9 thoughts on “Castle Wall

  1. Beautiful!! When the collection came out yesterday, I kinda thought I might be seeing a completed block here this morning! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you do with it!!


  2. winter doldrums, it does get people at times. I haven’t this year and I have been stitching away but sometimes I too just don’t feel like stitching anything – love your block and the colors you chose


  3. What? The 6 inch? That was a surprise! But such a beautiful result!
    Perhaps the reason that you have stitched less is because you have double the cats to play with now???
    And where is the armor on those cats in the castle?


  4. I remember when Jinny Beyer first introduced Castle Wall, probably back in the early 1980s. I have always loved the block but have never made it.
    My cacti have kept me from getting the winter blues. They are in a rotation of blooming that always gives me a lift in the morning.


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