Cats in the Castle and A Question

The 4.5″ Castle Wall block really, really appeals to me. For the first one, I just couldn’t resist making a whimsical block with some kitties peeking out of the castle. Once I had found the kitty print to fussy print/cut, then I rummaged through my scrap box looking for the dark and red fabrics and then was off to the races.


I used two of the little rectangles, one of the bonus shapes in the 4.5″ Castle Wall collection, instead of the square between the diamonds in this block. That way I could have the ribbon of red. So I wonder, is that perhaps light from a fireplace glowing through the windows of the castle and the kitties are peeking out a large door to the castle? Oh, who knows! All I know is that I had an absolute blast making this little block. Now what to do with it? Perhaps I’ll turn it into a mug rug.


The back of my tiny block after grading the seams and pressing. As dark as the dark fabric is, I was able to see the lines that were printed on it without a problem. They don’t show up at all in the photo, but they were clear enough for me to stitch the little block together.

A 9″ Castle Wall block is on the agenda for the weekend. For the 9″ block I’m contemplating something with batiks and a big floral to fussy print/cut for the centre.

Then I’ve got to get serious about the baby quilt. I’m contemplating making six 15″ Feathered Star blocks, which would make it 30 x 45 before borders. A friend thinks I’ve lost my mind, and I think she may well be right but the idea really appeals to me. If I get started printing the shapes this weekend and give myself two months to make it, I think that’s loads of time and would give me lots of play time to work on other projects as well.

And there’s where the question comes up. Have you ever seen a baby quilt made with Feathered Stars? Does the idea seem a bit too over the top? I love the challenge of making Feathered Stars and, with Inklingo, I know they’ll come out perfectly. But I also want the quilt to be something that will be used, not admired and tucked away.

This weekend sounds like the perfect time to get started on the baby quilt as we have yet another storm system headed towards us that may bring a lot of snow. And then they say there will be yet another big storm in the middle of next week. What a winter!


“Spring Flowers Near the Castle.” I guess they’re figuring the groundhog is going to predict an early spring on Sunday.


Jake loves to curl up in a little wicker basket kitty bed. It’s too small for Baxter, but the perfect size for Jake.


Baxter was staring towards the kitchen. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Is Jake heading for the food bowls?”

17 thoughts on “Cats in the Castle and A Question

  1. I love that quilt. I’ve always believed that baby quilts should be something the “baby” would want to have in his/her room for a long time, so my “baby quilts” tend to be smaller versions of classic quilts. 🙂 Great work, as always!


  2. You’re the Queen of Inklingo, you can do it! What baby wouldn’t want a feathered star quilt??
    Jake is so cute in his basket and of course the king is on his throne keeping track of the household!


  3. I believe you should do what satisfies you. Everyone thought I was crazy making those Monster quilts with over 700 circles for the twins. They love them and I really really enjoyed making them. The baby will love your feathered stars and you will love making it. Isn’t that what it is all about??


  4. That is a very fun little block; bold & graphic! You’re giving me ideas, Cathi—I have some Laurel Burch kitty fabric, bought years ago b/c I loved the colours. Perhaps this is the block to use it on?
    Why not a feathered star baby quilt? 🙂 I was once told, by a friend who was trained children’s nurse that babies like strong contrast b/c they learn distance focus on the edge, where the greatest contrast is. Am certain it will be beautiful, whatever you choose.
    Jake and Baxter look like Kings of their respective castles!
    À bi!


  5. That block, it opens up so many ideas, and the colours go so well with the design. It reminds me of a moat, and they are safely inside!!! Feathered star, why not? You are indeed a master at the Inklingo stitchings, and I can see it being cherished for all those years, not just when a baby. Would you use bright fabrics? Cheers from Jean


  6. Love those kitties in the castle…reminds me of stained glass windows!
    As for feathered stars for a baby quilt? Well not to be a negative Nelly on this one I know that for me as a Mom, I wanted things that could be used and washed in a washer over and over and that is how I think when I do a baby quilt. The “fancy” one my DD requested for her youngest son hangs on a wall and he doesn’t cuddle with at all! I have since made him a larger tv/cuddle quilt but although she was happy with the first one it kind of made me sad.
    If you are OK with making the feathered star and having it either washed to death or hung on a wall then I say go for it!


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  8. I absolutely love that wee castle block…I would say you’ve lost your mind on the 4.5″ block more so than attempting the feathered star. 😉 That would be a most beautiful and loved baby quilt! One that would be cherished, indeed!

    Sweet Jake! Baxter is looking so regal there!


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  10. I’d be afraid the feathered star quilt would not be used…I can hear it now: “It’s too nice/beautiful to let the baby have it…we’ll save it for later”. I tend to make “dragged quilts for the baby quilts I give away. They’re meant to drug around, pee’d on, pooped on, and puked on. I don’t know if I could allow a child to do that to a hand-pieced feathered star! Whatever you make will be outstanding and loved!


  11. I like these new castle blocks you’ve been seduced by.
    Regarding the baby quilt, I think it depends on the parents. Plenty appreciate a beautiful hand stitched quilt or knitted blanket and will use it as it is meant. Some might not. I tend to think of baby quilts as cot/play/lap quilts that I know will be used for years to come. Like you I prefer to hand piece, though my latest two baby quilts are still waiting for me to quilt (which I plan to do by machine). Mostly I don’t think one pattern over another wouldn’t be good for a baby quilt, I pick the fabric then find a pattern that will work with it.


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