Large Castle Wall

I knew I wanted to make a 9″ Inklingo Castle Wall block, but until I chose a floral to fussy cut/print for the centre octagon I had no idea what colours I’d be using. The first thing I did was make a window template so I could audition fabrics for that octagon. Once that was done then it was a matter of finding fabrics that would nicely frame the floral centre.


And this was the result.


The back, after grading the seams and pressing.

Now that I’ve stitched all three sizes of the block, I’ve found a stitching sequence that works really well for me. There are loads of opportunities for continuous stitching, but I’m still amazed at just how quickly this block goes together. I think I spent as much time choosing fabrics for this 9″ block as I did sewing it together.

Friday’s question regarding an appropriate baby quilt brought some great answers but I’m still undecided. I really do have to decide and get going on it this week. I started playing with design ideas in EQ7 on the weekend. So far I’ve whittled it down to two possibilities, neither of which is a Feathered Star.

castle lunchwtmk

“Lunch at the Castle.”


Jake had to be satisfied with the lower level of the kitty tree last night as Baxter was in possession of the upper level.


Baxter rarely spends much time on the lower tier of the kitty tree, but that’s where he was hanging out earlier on the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Large Castle Wall

  1. Hi Cathi, I hope you’re considering a tutorial on your stitching progression for you BEAUTIFUL Castle Wall blocks.
    Tell Mr. Q I’m on that space ship, lost in space 😉 . I do so enjoy his illustrations.
    ~Jillian in North Dakota


  2. Hi, I love your colors…I’ve never sewn a block this complicated and I wonder if you can tell me in what order you have sewn the pieces?  Thank you for your assistance.  Have a blessed day. 🙂 Susan


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