Stars on the Wall

As I’ve done a few more of the stars in each group, I decided it was time to see the groups of kaleidoscope stars together up on the temporary design wall.


The individual mauve/pink kaleidoscope stars I made last weekend were shown on my blog post on Tuesday. There are 21 of them done in total – so far.


On the weekend, I also made this blue and brown paisley one.


And this one.


I think the paisley kaleidoscope stars are going to look fabulous when they’re all done and I decide on the setting.


The butterfly kaleidoscope stars also got a few additions. And I think this may be my favourite of the ones done so far.


A second.


A third.


And then I couldn’t wait to see them all together.


“Okay, here. Now check out the mother ship.”


Baxter held this pose for a few minutes – long enough for Mr. Q.O. to grab the camera and take a few shots. I am convinced that he poses for us. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one “Everything’s digital these days. These are pink digits.”

12 thoughts on “Stars on the Wall

  1. They are all gorgeous! Must say, I do like the blue and brown paisley stars…….with the swirly designs on the fabric there is a lot of movement going on. Baxter is looking very regal today, and I am curious to see what his alien friends come up with next!


  2. I’ve been looking at all of your gorgeous kaleidoscope stars and they are beautiful!!!! Sorry to not comment so much anymore on your lovely blog.



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