Mauve/Pink Kaleidoscope Stars

Once I finished adding the connecting centres for the next row of rings on the Summer Picnic Dish last week, it was weekend play time. And kaleidoscope stars were calling to me.


The small stars made with the 1.25″ diamonds take no time at all to put together.  I’ve printed enough sheets to make 120 of these little beauties.


But don’t worry! There aren’t 120 pictures in this post. Just a few.


I think this one is my favourite of this group.


Or perhaps it’s this one.


No, I think it’s this one. They’re such fun to make and each one becomes my favourite as it is finished. The fabric I’m using to connect these is ready. It’s a very pale yellow. Now I just have to decide on how I’m going to set them.

sketch243wtmkAn expert on aliens has arrived on the scene.


Mr. Q.O captioned this one, “I finished them … now I need the rest.”

4 thoughts on “Mauve/Pink Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. You are definitely star struck! 🙂
    Oh, my, are the aliens getting out of hand?
    Cats and their crossword puzzles just go together, especially when there is a pen or pencil involved to grab and roll around.


  2. Hello Cathi,:) l like the stars. I wonder what it would look like as a scrappy star quilt. Mix up all the stars you have done into one quilt. Some paisley, some butterfly and so on.? No? Yes? You never know. Baxter looks like a happy sleepy kitty. Trying to sew hexagons! Ugh!


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