More Kaleidoscope Stars

While there are more kaleidoscope stars in this post, there was another arc/melon combo made last night to add to the Summer Picnic Dish. My reward after each melon/arc is completed is to make a few stars. It’s my way of trying to stay focused on the Summer Picnic Dish and feed my kaleidoscope star addiction at the same time.


First I made this one.


Then a second.


Then a third.


And a fourth.


This smaller size of kaleidoscope star takes only a few minutes to stitch. A few seconds more and the seams are graded and each little star is pressed.

And now, in honour of International Talk Like a Pirate Day (who thinks these things up anyway?) …


“Arrrggghhh! Here be yer booty, ya sea scum.” Mr. Q.O. thinks up the captions, not me!


We’re going to have a couple of lovely warm days today and tomorrow. I’m hoping to stitch a star or two out on the roof garden. Baxter will undoubtedly be keeping an eye on what’s going on out on the roof garden from his favourite perch. In this photo, he’s keeping his eye on things happening in the kitchen from his perch.

4 thoughts on “More Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. As always, so lovely. Seems Mr. Q.T. is right in his element writing dialogue. What a wonderful view you have from your windows. No end of entertainment for Baxter I’m sure. Seeing B and L on the week-end.


  2. Nope. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. LOL!!
    Perfect 1/4″ seem allowance, and pressing. That is what it takes, being meticulous. That’s what separates quilters. Baxter, Baxter, Baxter….LOL. These are pretty too.


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