Summer Picnic Dish Update


I thought I should show the pathetically little progress that’s been made on the Summer Picnic Dish since it was last seen. One more ring has been added. That’s it. The quilt top is now two-thirds done. Eight more rings to make and attach and the outer setting pieces to add and it will be finished.


To that end, I’ve got two more melon/arc combos ready for the next ring. But there should be more done by now. Lots more. I need to get 30 more of them done. It should be a piece of cake as they involve loads and loads of lovely continuous stitching and curved piecing, two of my favourite things. I’m still hopeful I’ll get the top finished while it’s still nice enough to get a shot of the completed top outside, but the odds may be against me.



Because of these. I have succumbed to the addiction of kaleidoscope stars. The ah-hah moment when each star is finished is impossible to resist. I had to make just one more of the butterfly kaleidoscope stars.


And then another.


Then print six more sheets of the smaller diamonds on the mauve/pink fabric to make another 30 of the smaller kaleidoscope stars. The box isn’t anywhere near full yet though. There will be 12 more sheets of fabric printed for a total of 120 stars.

The other reason I’ve not gotten too far on the summer picnic dish is that I have really been enjoying hand quilting again after a very long time away from it. I am so glad I decided to give it a try without a hoop as that is turning out to be the perfect method for me. It’s a good thing I found this method works so well for me as I keep making all these tops with all the wonderful Inklingo collections and they need to get quilted!


Now for a couple of things that are off topic.

When Google Reader shut down, I exported my blog list to Feedly. Or so I thought. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a nagging feeling that some of the blogs I used to follow and enjoyed reading may have not been exported as I wasn’t seeing them in the Feedly reader. Initially I thought that perhaps the bloggers had taken a bit of a blog vacation. But yesterday I found that wasn’t the case. There are a number of blogs that somehow didn’t get exported.

My solution? Now I’m going to start subscribing to blogs by e-mail. The blogs that offer that option, that is.

One other thing. Why are some blogs asking that you set up a Google+ profile in order to comment? What if one doesn’t want to have a Google+ profile? There was a blog on which I was about to leave a comment yesterday but in order to do so I was prompted to set up a Google+ profile.



“Curious Night Visitors.”


I love the look on Baxter’s face in this photo. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “That better be dinner.”

15 thoughts on “Summer Picnic Dish Update

  1. Summer Picnic Dish is looking so gorgeous! I say take your time, and enjoy it thoroughly……no need to feel there’s a deadline! It’s going to be spectacular when it’s done! :o) And I’m loving those stars, too! What great designs you’re getting from those fabrics! Yummy! And I’m with you on the Google Reader thing. I don’t know what it is (other than some form of Facebook-type thing……yuk!) and I don’t want more of that in my life. So I’m hoping I don’t ‘need’ it in the future. Hopefully you’ll find all the blogs you want without it! :o)


  2. That is interesting about the Google+ prompt. I wonder if there is a setting for adding it or shutting it off. A couple of my friends has said that they replied to a recent post that I did but they are not showing up or they got snagged at the part where you choose your acct type (or whatever that is). I’ve gone and looked but can’t figure out for the life of me what the issue is. If you happen by my blog and see that Google + prompt please let me know.

    I am having a draw for some fat quarters and a pattern. Draw ends tomorrow.

    Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous by the way!!! and I love the stars. I think we may have finally sorted out the adobe issue on my computer. Fingers crossed. I am sitting around waiting at dance for 5+ hrs a week and need some handsewing projects. lol Take care, Teresa


  3. I knew this would happen with your summer picnic quilt and have succumbed to star gazing! LOL! The toon is what I see outside my glass door every night! But so far no aliens……
    Baxter keeps alert of what’s important in his life, toys, outside activities, and his dinner!


  4. As usual, your work is beautiful! That happened to me too. A couple of days ago I tried to leave a comment on someone’s blog and couldn’t unless I joined Google+ which I dislike ALOT. I emailed the blog owner about this. She had no idea this was happening and she asked me if I knew how to change it. I told her and she fixed it and I was then able to leave a comment.

    LOL at the peeping critters in the cartoon.

    Baxter is looking so regal in that picture.


  5. I’m the same way Cathi, I’m not going to ” sign up” every where I post. I don’t mind blogging……but….there must be an end.
    I know the feeling… love that pickle dish….but oh those stars. LOL Its discipline dear Cathi! LOL….That is a great shot of Baxter, it looks like he should have someone fanning him and feeding him sardines…oh my. LOL keep me posted as to what will happen. I don’t want to lose your blog. Sewing hexagons.


  6. That pickle dish quilt is so gorgeous -are you planning on entering it in the DWR challenge that the NYC modern quilt guild is doing? I have had a horrible time using my google profile to comment on blogs -it just endlessly circles through the sign in page. I emailed google and never received a response so now I only comment if it lets me use my WordPress id or just list my name and email.


  7. Love the pickle dish! I agree…take your time and enjoy what you are doing!

    See if this helps you with Feedly:

    My Feedly:
    1. Add content…copy and paste the blog’s home url here. Press the enter key on your keyboard.
    2. Click on the plus sign next to the blog name.
    3. Choose a category, or create one.
    4. Click the Add button.


  8. Your pickle dish quilt is amazing. We still have another month of good light outside so maybe you will make it. Hand quilting….without a hoop was the only way I could do it but I can’t sit still long enough to enjoy it.

    I won’t join Google + either. almost everyone that did is a no reply now when they leave comments and I feel bad that I can’t answer them.


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