More Blue & Brown Paisley Kaleidoscope Stars

I’m getting close to the end of the blue and brown paisley kaleidoscope stars. And each time I make one, I’m surprised at the result. Paisley fabrics are clearly among the best for kaleidoscope stars. I think these will be … Continue reading

Yet More Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

The star on the left looks like it would be right at home in a Christmas quilt. I know I said I’m not picking favourites, but the one on the left in this photo is definitely one of my favourites … Continue reading

Wild Floral Kaleidoscope Stars … Again

While I’ve been working on something else, I have also been working on finishing up piecing the wild floral kaleidoscope stars. The closer I got to finishing them, the more fun I was having making them. They’re actually all done … Continue reading

Lots of Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

And I do mean lots! Thirteen of them. They are so quick to stitch that I can’t just make one! They’re much healthier than snack food. And that moment when each star is finished is such fun! I still can’t … Continue reading

More Wild Floral Kaleidoscope Stars

Once I started making more kaleidoscope stars, I couldn’t resist making one with the wild floral fabric. Then a second. And of this group, this one is definitely my favourite. A third. There was no stopping me. A fourth. Followed … Continue reading

Paisley Kaleidoscope Stars and a Question or Two

There has been a slight change in plans. More about that in a bit. I made a few kaleidoscope stars while I was pondering what to do about the pickle dish quilt. First were a few of the brown and … Continue reading

More Butterfly Kaleidoscope Stars

The butterfly fabric was another one that was meant for kaleidoscope stars. And I couldn’t resist making a few last weekend. First one. Then another. I couldn’t stop. That ah-hah moment as each one is finished is impossible to resist. Each … Continue reading