Perfect Little HSTs


I’m working on a tutorial about chain piecing these little beauties by hand, but I got hit with two work assignments yesterday that didn’t give me enough time to even think about finishing it off. So this is a teaser. And thanks to a suggestion from a friend I’m calling the process “Chaining by Hand.” I made these two little HSTs in less time than it takes to write a sentence for the blog.


I’m going to do a quickie tutorial on making the parallelogram stars as they also use the chaining by hand method. That one will be up this week as well.


“Getting Ready, Day Two.” The teleporter is now in the picture, so I think the kitties’ guests will be arriving tomorrow. They can’t wait!


Jake has definitely made himself at home.


While Baxter is, as usual, just waiting for his chance to get a piece or two of fabric. This time he was looking in my project box for the mystery quilt. Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “Wonder if she’s looking.” The look on his face cracks me up.

4 thoughts on “Perfect Little HSTs

  1. I love your tutorials! Bring them on!
    Can’t wait to see what the aliens are up to next. And Baxter has that sneaky look, better watch him closely while Jake just doesn’t know what he’s missing with all that fabric around!


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